What About US? John Barrowman

Totally indulging my soft rock side here. I unapologetically love John Barrowman, he's more than a triple treat! Broadway actor and singer, pop star, film star, sci-fi action hero, sex symbol to men and women, human rights activist, tv presenter.... I mean come-on as the charismatic bad ass Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who John was so magnetic they gave him his own equally amazing show, TORCHWOOD, which is one of the best things on tv... ever!  He's even rumored to be a top choice for Captain America in the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER.

Check Out his new single What About Us?  from his upcoming album MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC due out in November after the jump.


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Jack said...

Cool song. He has gorgeous eyes. Thanks for the tip on a new artist.