Sarah Vowell is my secret Girlfriend

I just picked up The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell and you should too! The brilliantly erudite, witty, and smarty-smart-smart NPR commentator and author /history buff explores the Puritans in her latest with the same whip smart snark that has made her my hero/secret girlfriend.  While Take the Cannoli is deals mostly with her personal history it lays forth the groundwork for Partly Cloudy Patriot (which made me run out and read sooo many history books) and in my opinion her master piece of Americana ASSASSINATION VACATION which chronicles the deaths of dead presidents Lincoln , Mckinley and Garfield.  See all these hyper links folks? get you fine asses in gear and buy her books, educate your self accidentally as you are entertained!  Oh and to add to her coolness- like Being a apart of THIS AMERICAN LIFE with David Sedaris and David Rakoff isn't enough (oh and dream boat Ira Glass tried to reach her to drive once) She's also the voice of Violet in the Incredibles.

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