Artists Statement:
Nature/Nurture is a audiovisual representation of the electrical-chemical nature of memory and the inclinations of the sexual addict. What makes one who and what they are? Memory is a fluid and volatile expression of the mind

I've decided to debut a new piece of video art here rather than my usual channels because -well, this is where I spend all my time these days. So a bit of background on the piece.
It's my statement on abuse and the way it forms you as an adult. The audio component is my late grandfather, an artist in his own right, reciting some (in my opinion terrifying) poetry. The recording originates from 1981, where even I appear as a child in the background of several tracks. So it's an oddly inappropriate piece to collaborate on with my dead grandfather (whom I referred to as Scat growing up du to his love of Jazz and his yiddish spawned speech of shooing of stray cat's with the pronouncement SCAT!- I digress. )

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