Breakfast with Scot

Sometimes amidst the overwhelming mountain of homophobic anti-gay agenda something sneaks past and makes me hopeful. This won't change the world but i feel it's a sign the times are changing. A gay family film?! 
My husband Taylor and I discussed children recently with another couple, all four of us are still about a decade away from actually making that leap it would seem. but the issue of the child's sexual orientation came up and threw me into a self loathing tizzy. What would I do if my child was gay? Um deal with it. It's funny that as a happily  partnered gay man a gay child could make me nervous, but it does. It's the societal reaction in part, the staggeringly ignorant view that gay parents will make  their kids gay. Which begs the question why do all the gays I know have straight parents? But rational logic doesn't figure  into these sort of impassioned debates. I have some internalized fear also about having some flamboyantly queer child flaunting gender identity and all the issues that brings with it.  I'm not proud of this. In fact I'm ashamed to admit it and do so in the hopes of getting over that fear because  quite frankly i have no control what-so-ever with my child's sexual expression. No one does.  I fear my child would be more oppressed if flamboyantly gay, in a greater danger of homophobes, of gay bashing, of being rejected even with in our own gay community because let's face it no one turns on you like your own. 
And no one sticks up for you either like your own.  Yeah the "faggy" kids have a tougher time.  The "butch " girls and "femme" boys  but you know what? None of us would be where we are today without them. Those who can not, would not and should not  blend into the background in glass closets have burst forth, shattering stereotypes and breaking boundaries .  It was dykes and drag queens out throwing bricks during the Stonewall* riot,  not "str8-acting" guys.  
*It also saddens me that I felt the need to make Stonewall a hyper link, but I do.

So Along comes this little Canadian film Breakfast With Scot (with one t)  The story of a closeted gay Toronto Maple Leaf's Hockey player-turned-pro sportscaster(Ed's adorable Tom Cavanagh) and his equally private and guarded husband Sam (Angels In America's Ben Shankman),a  sports lawyer and what happens to  their happily sedate lives when they become the unexpected guardians/parents to a flamboyantly gay 11 year old boy Scot.  The funny thing is this film is  a sweet and very mainstream exploration of what it means to be a family and what a parent will do for the love of their child.  We've come so far we're getting family films about us? It's also the first gay themed film to ever be granted the logo use of the NHL , seems they were big fans of the script as well.   Check out the trailer below and check out your listings as it opens in the States in October! 

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