Things I mentioned Before

A few small things here . Um well one sizable one. Clay Aiken finally realized what ALL OF AMERICA already knew.  Well he knew already too, hence the MAnhunt scandal a few years back, seriously HEY GAY CELEBS!!!!  If You are in the 
closet and you expect us to hook up online with you, then be a man and come out. Seriously. 
Side note- Hey we all have sex. If you run across someone's manhunt profile (former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts for example) Leave the pics alone, don't out them. 
How would you feel if YOUR MOM saw your profile?

In my recent post about Bruce LeBruce's Otto; Or, Up With Dead People I wrote about an artist who's work I felt the look reminded me of but admitted that I could not remember his name and it was driving me mad. 
In other news... These two have no need to come out cause, we know already:

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