R.I.P. Lexie

My mom and Step-dad Steve adopted Lexie several years ago, she had be abused by her previous owner and they worked very hard to rehabilitate her. She had food allergies, so they cooked her meals at one point. They were totally devoted to her well being. She was a complete part of our family.  
This morning some red-neck punk mother fucker asshole  hit her with their vehicle and left her to die on the side of the road in from of my parents house. They found her seconds later and raced her to the vet, where they discovered though breathing, she was brain dead. 
They did the only think they could  and said their good-byes to their beloved Lexie and let her go. 
 To Lexie I say rest in piece you little monster, I love you.
To my parents I am so sorry and I know how hard this loss is for you both.

To the COWARD who hit her, and didn't care enough about life, human or animal to stop FUCK YOU. and If I ever find out who you are, and it honestly , it probably is some neighbor of their's  on that dirt road in the middle of NOWHERE I grew up on, someone who my mom the local hairdresser more than likely cuts their hair. to this fuckwad just let me say this: I pray that you never have another restful night of sleep for as long as you live. I hope the hurt they feel , hurt you caused, not by the accident, but by not having the human decency to stick around, come back to you. You are a pathetic excuse for a person.

I realize this is a very raw post  and not remotely professional or rational, or what I normally post- more pulled together posts will follow I promise.    After all It's the hubby's birthday fun times ahead!!!!

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