Poncho Hot-pants Stole Tara's Drink

Last night our good friends at Gay Condo hosted a great night of VJing at the EAST END in Portland , OR.  Videos spanning all facets of pop ephemera opened the night followed the Swallows 5th "bandiversary" show featuring excellent opening acts  Slutty Hearts (from Seattle) and Karma Bomb. Quite the excellent fun evening spotted a few local celebs (Brit Daniel of Spoon with "Natalie Portland", bon-vivant Matthew Kern, out actress Crystal MacTaggart as well as a coterie of luscious Roller-derby babes. HOWEVER

I must Point out a man who will live on in infamy as " Ponch Hot-pants"  
Full Disclosure:
1.) Yes I know that's not so much a moniker as an apt description of his anti-fashion choice. Literally wearing boots, hot-pants and a poncho.

2.) I foolishly left my cameras at home so I had to shoot him with my sidekick. Seriously, what is this Gossip Girl?

Okay I don't really know Tara (in fact I'm only 80% sure that was her name) however she regaled me with a story of meeting Poncho Hot-Pants moments earlier , complimenting him on his choice of Poncho and discussing her interests in "poncho technologies"  when he suddenly dashed away in a sassy  huff. Taking her cocktail with him!   
Drink thievery is unacceptable in this current economic climate, be cuter and have some by you your own drink damn it! 


Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff? Do I smell a comic book superhero on the horizon? Well, maybe I just farted... or maybe I secretly wanted an excuse to use "PONCHO POWER!" in a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Comic Book Superheros wouldn't steal your drinks....and they'd keep a low (er)-pro than that guy anyday. -x