OH forgotten! Brit-Pop Edition

A few of my favorite guilty pleasures, some critical darlings who never caught on in the USA, and some ephemera. Ok so it shows my taste have largely been European and always kinda gay. But whatever.

bisexual singer who sounds like Morrissey (who deserves his own massive post soon)and styled like a oxford student from 1960- HELLO LOVER!

totally derivative but totally catchy. Like Blur and Liz Phair had a sexed up baby and raised it on a steady diet Wire and Blondie.

Um, well we know what happened here. Blur shagging and then possibly Stephen Malkmos shagging, then writing songs with M.I. A.  but damn catchy first album.

Shoegaze mavens, ethereal beauties, tragic band ending. UGH! I fucking love LUSH! I love most of the 4AD bands actually, but particularly Lush. I dream of having Miki Beryni come out of retirement and sing a track on my bands album. She's amazing.


OH I had the biggest crush on Suede (or the London Suede as they were known stateside) front man Brett Anderson! okay I still do a little bit.

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