Musical Crush (edition 6) AMANDA PALMER

If I were into girls (but after the last one whom I broke up with four years ago only to have her stalk me this summer and end up in court with-side note her crazy ass lost- that's not happening again) I'd be even more in love with Amanda Palmer than I already am. She of the Bostonian fierceness of the Brechtian punk-cabaret duo THE DRESDEN DOLLS (with drummer and total sex bomb Brian Viglione-see photographic evidence!) is set to release her solo album on Tuesday and it's brilliant from start to finish. While not straying too far from the Dolls' style (and why tamper with perfection) the album allows for some searing moments of beauty and  a bit more musical exploration. 
Full disclosure here though - I inadvertently named my band A is for Accident as a reference to artist  Edward Gorey only to discover later it was also the title of a Dresden Dolls live album. Small universe indeed

Check out Guitar Hero below

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