I know this has been on many a blogsite and will continue to be but WOW! I had to. This makes me want to move to Canada immediately . Irrational, illogical people who believe forwarded chain-emails and refuse to have a polite discussion based on issues instead of ideological rhetoric based on fear and stupidity. Watch as this woman makes what I'm sure she and her Fox "news" watching cronies in their white washed suburban  enclaves is a bold statement against Obama. In reality she's nothing more than a closed minded bigot. I can't even eloquently express my disappointment and disdain for these women.  What are you thinking? Oh wait you're clearly not. You mothers and grandmothers have worked so hard to allow you to get to the place you are now in life and you in turn spread ignorance and hatred. Obama is not a muslim, but why is it you feel is it acceptable to use someone's faith as fear-mongering slander. It's pathetic and a sad statement about the mindset of some Americans.

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