It's Friday I'm in ... heat.

No I mean as in it's 102ºF  in Portland, Oregon and I'm dying in this heat. Not like I'm in heat, well at least that's not really new or news worthy.  So I am trying to make myself blog daily. So here's the skinny Major works in progress, editing simultaneously for a fashion designer and the state department/OHSU and still post-production-ing Inheritance whose rough cut received good advanced word so woohoo! Dealing with a bit of personal drama which, at this time ,I can not blog about in good conscious (side note- if you know me personally you SOOOO know what this is about and I have taken the advice and I'm writing the book  HA! )
So here's a round up of ephemera

Check out my super cute new buds over at The Gay Condo brilliant and adorable blogging household! 

I did a little dance for our second class status Yes I live in Oregon and yet still read it online- :
"The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a lawsuit that sought to force a vote on the law, which was approved in 2007 Oregon Legislature and went into effect earlier this year. More than 2,200 gay and lesbian couples have registered for domestic partnerships since the law took effect in February. Opponents of domestic partnerships contended in their suit that Oregon elections officials improperly rejected valid signatures on petitions that sought to put the law to a public vote in November. The 9th Circuit ruled that the state's procedures for counting signatures didn't violate Oregon's Constitution. 'Oregon's signature verification standards are uniform and specific enough to ensure equal treatment of voters,' Judge Ted Goodwin wrote for a three-judge panel. Thursday's ruling was a serious setback for gay-rights opponents, who now face the prospect of waiting until 2010 before they can qualify measures for the ballot." (via Towleroad) -

Found out Harry Potter  and the Half-Blood Prince film has been pushed to July 2009 -swore loudly like the angriest 14 year old on the block

So just in time for the Sasquatch Festival which, unlike the McMinville UFO festival  (thank you Phil and Beth!)   I sadly won't be attending two police buddies from north Georgia say they found a "Bigfoot Corpse" Check out the story but the best part is the cunt-tastic commentary by the news anchor. Oh she hates her time slot!

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