Cazwell Returns!!!!

Club promoter and long-time NYC downtown fixture Cazwell may have a chance at the big leagues with his ridiculous and catchy new single. While I much prefer his sexually explicit raps like the clubby tune All Over My Face I totally dig his use of dragstar Peppermint as stand-in for  Ms.Knowles. Check out the video below.

As a bonus I'm posting the uncensored clip for all over my face and Peppermint's single (featuring Cazwell) as well.


Anonymous said...

Paul likes Cazwell a lot too, but I have to say....I kind of hate him.
Not to be too mean, but he just doesn't seem particularly talented to me. I can appreciate using scandal, camp, and trendy-of-the-moment street culture to help promote and sell a product. But only if the product is actually worth buying.

PS: I'm a jerk.

Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

I know how hard it is for you, being a neurotic white boy without proper rap skillz, yo but u just be buggin' if u think yo man ain't thinkin'bout Cazwell when the lights go out.
Also You know you just want burger king now and are starving yourself to stay beautiful.