What the DEAL!

I get completely totally utterly, like, um, gum-smacking 15 year old star crazy Sassy magazine reading Jane Pratt worshiping, crushing with eyeliner about Kim Deal.  And THE BREEDERS, and THE PIXIES, and THE AMPS, and really by proxy riot grrl (which came later- and gets its on post later hence) 

Soooooo Just in time for spring (The Breeders-Mountain Battles April 7th!!!) and about a week before my 29th Birthday the Breeders return with their fourth album in 20 years (!!!??) Most people only seem to remember their single Cannonball and its accompanying (brilliant) album Last Splash . Well here's a brief retrospective of some of the Deal sisters' glory over the years.

From the Safari ep.
Iris from POD

When I was a Painter from Pod

Pod was the amazing reaction to Kim Deal and friend Tonya Donnelley (who later went on to front the band Belly and is a solo artist these days)  being sick of playing second fiddle in their day-job bands (the Pixies and Throwing Muses respectively) 

After Tonya left (the aforementioned Belly) Kim drafted twin Sister Kelley into the band. The grunge era was blooming (this was kinda at the end of the THIS IS FORTE APACHE boston days. . more on that later) and they recorded one of the most influential rock records of the decade.  LAST SPLASH


Divine Hammer

CannonBall (co-directed by Spike Jonez and KIM GORDON!- it simply can not get cooler than THAT!)

And then.......................well there was dry spell, the drug use, the booze.....The Amps record Pacer... Jim drummed for Guided by voices Josephine Whigs started the Josephine Whigs Experience and later Dusty Trails..... and then FINALLY after all that Title TK arrived. (ok so that was 8 years......and some new members and a relocation to Oakland later.)  

Son of three

The She (live on Carson Daly)

Huffer (live on Craig Kilborn

As the Amps (which even Kim admits should have just been called the Breeders) 

Tipp City (doesn't this sound like what Josie and the Pussycats SHOULD have sounded like?

Pacer (which like a lot of their material differs from the lp version, There's a fondness for covering one's own work here)

And NOW ...

WE'RE GONNA RISE!!!!!!!!!!!

from Mountain Battles

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