SOUHADO- Solo music pre- A is for Accident.

So I was feeling nostaligic ergo depressed today and ran across some old demos and it got me thinking about my old solo act circa 2002.  I haven't released any real new Souhado material because since 2006 I've been working on films and on a record sporadically with my band A is for Accident. That album (whose final title hasn't quite been worked out just yet)  is hopefully going to come out this year. Long story short here for your listening enjoyment is a snapshot into my past. My second full solo album , Continental Drift and some odds and ends. (note-my first solo record is locked away and can rot in hell.)

I've tentatively begun demoing for a new record, it's still unclear whether it will be a second A is for Accident or Souhado record. Given our protracted gestational period I suspect it's A is for Accident.

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