Like Salt -N-Pepa said-"It's none of yo business!"

The following is a really bizarre exchange between me and a total complete stranger on a website. I posted his pic below because Maybe it says something as to his demeanor.

On Fri 29 Feb 2008 03:39 PM, scionman wrote:

You and your husband...
look like twins. I'm sure you get that a lot, it would be like having
yourself as husband, hehe. I'm always curious , if someone has
someone special in their life, why would they be on here looking?
I'm missing
it, but that's ok.

On Fri 29 Feb 2008 03:42 PM, Looklike wrote:

We actually don't look alike at all, it might just be the photos. As for
looking, its just that LOOKING. We
chat with some friends on here don't hook up.
Happily married man here.

Okay so here's where I go to the gym, work out, chat with Matthew about
how much we hate........... annnnnnnd I return to find more
correspondence that I would have thought I warranted.

On Fri 29 Feb 2008 06:04 PM, scionman wrote:

I would never understand why if anyone had the prefect husband, partner,

whatever, this would be the last place I'd be looking for friends, but
that's me and no one else. Happily married men? Good luck on that.
to each their own, this site could be the downfall of a happy marriage,
and I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I just know for experience, good luck
and have a good time. I know I didn't need to offer my opinion, I just
thought maybe someone could explain it and make sense, but NOT!

From: Looklike
Subject: Re: you and your husband
Date: Fri 29 Feb 2008 06:37 PM

Since you've asked let me say that I've been with my husband for 5 years and
at no point have either of even been seriously tempted to cheat. We're not
looking to make NEW friends here but we do have old friends and ex's that we
keep in touch with. YES we're friends with our ex's and NO that doesn't
cause us any problems. I never said either of myself nor my husband were
perfect. We are in fact as flawed as anyone, but I do feel we're a perfect
match for each other as do nearly anyone who actually knows us can attest.
We have constant, clear communication and we trust each other implicitly.
We have been through a lot together, we are certainly not newly boyfriended
twinks who hooked up at a club a month ago. We've traveled the world
together, gone to school together, worked together own a business together
and actually_shocking as it may seem to you- know a thing or two about each
other. We have a great life together not to rub it in your face but since
you've chosen to opine about the perceived fragility of our union I felt it
was best to set some facts straight. We don't have an arrangement or open
relationship. We don't sleep around. We don't do drugs of any kind. We
don't really drink either. We have a close-knitt group of friends and a wonderful
support system of family. My parents call sometimes just to talk to him. No
major drama. Two cats-one dog . A trip to London in April and Venice in May.
This is a website, its millions upon millions of 1s and 0s . It's
information , nothing more. So I'm not too worried. And neither should you

Then I came to my damn sense and stopped responding.

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