Jukebox Distortion

Two albums to review.... from two dear friends, I feel like curling up on the floor (not the sofa, no this is laying on the floor music) and listen to it with head phones on... or turned up loud with the speakers on either side of my head letting the elegance of their sounds wash over me. The Magnetic Fields return with Distortion, a nice reminder of what alternatives there are to processed digital aged cheese pouring like aural Velveeta from the radio speakers. Everything , save the drums , cranked to eleven, especially the irony and wit. I for got my stop on the train today rode around downtown listening to tales of Nuns wishing to be porn stars and singing songs about hating California Girls...

And then Night fell. and I put on Jukebox by good ol' (and crazy) Chan Marshall, aka CAT POWER. This is her second covers album, and her follow up to sobriety and the brilliance of her album The Greatest(the title of which makes me giggle, cause wow what a gamble that must be to name it).From the opening notes of New York she owns the songs, one of which, Moon Pix reprise Metal Heart, is her own composition.This album makes me long for shag carpeting, a two pack a day habit and a camaro to drive away some where dusty in... Dusty... It reminds me of Dusty in Memphis by Dusty Springfield, sad beautiful and arrestingly, stubbornly independent.

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