Another new year is upon me. I look around and measure the shape and weight of things. All seems well enough from the distance but we all have cracks and wear scars up close. I told my best friend i wouldn't contact him anymore after an argument. I feel the need to stick to my decision on this until he apologizes to me , but he thinks he's done no wrong. It's been a few days and I miss him already. I am resolute that this year will be like last and all years before it and all years to come...filled with triumghs and tragedies on a large and small scale. We, the human race will eek out our foibles and dramas on our own stages, the Earth will turn on its axis unaware, and go round the sun again.
I am not depressed. Which is weird. For me anyway. I am very much in love. I have two amazing men in my life that make it complicated, frustrating, wonderful and some how sane. I have friends I love and am loyal to. I have a job I love for once, and a career that is budding, waiting to bloom.
Damn it Shelby don't be stubborn call me.

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