Love is the distance between us.

If you love a thing you let it go, if it comes back to you....then it was just being selfish and careless with your love. I know someone who is so wrong I had to let them go. I've done that a lot lately. None have come home. I'm about to climb into bed and hold my husband tight and think about the one who keeps us up all night. Love is the distance between us, the growing gap in the spaces where bodies used to be. Love is letting you scrap your knee to learn this lesson. Love is letting you cry your self asleep alone, when you could be here. Love is knowing and hoping against hope you are wrong. I wait but do not hold my breath. I hope because it's all we have. You can't stop that. Because you are wrong love is everything to us and I now give you my trust. This seems harder to do than to love. I now have to trust you. I'll see what I can do. You deserve my trust as much as you deserve love. I hope they can be from one and the same.

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