A few thoughts before bed

1) I am growing to hate nearly every aspect of my life currently.

2) I ate bad sushi at the Mall. Feel terribly ill.

3) Seem surprised by feeling ill after eating bad sushi at the Mall.

4) Have Kimya Dawson song stuck in my head.

5) A text from Matthew reads as Follows:
"It is very dangerous to honk at me while I am trying to text and drive. I could have spilled my cocktail!"

6) I am worried about hurt feelings, stalkers, honesty, fear, rejection, heartbreak and all those things that I talk around.

7) Yup, still feel sick.

8) I seem to have screwed up at work. I feel this isn't all my fault.

9) I am having trouble caring at the moment.

10) And THAT scares me.

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Anonymous said...

Whatchu did at work, yo?