My personal Top 10 Movies of 2007 in no order

1.No Country For Old Men. dir. the Cohen Brothers
This tense old fashioned hard knuckled thriller was one of the most brilliantly unpleasant movies to come along in a long time. Genius.

2. Sweeny Todd :the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. dir Tim Burton
Brilliantly designed and acted this Sondheim adaptation, while perhaps not having the best singers for the parts revels in its gory moralistic glory. Visceral, passionate and seems to envoke a love or hate reaction which I enjoy.

3. Ratatouille dir. Brad Bird
Paris had a good year on screen (Broken English; Dans Paris; Paris, Je T'aime; 2 days in get the picture) But it was this animated film from Pixar that added the right ingredients of food, love, an adorable rat who wants to be a chef to actually leave me speechless at how good this film is.

4. Lars and the Real Girl. dir Craig Gillespie.
One of the most surprising, sweetly endearing and truly moving (and odd) movies I've seen all year. This from a director who also directed one of the worst films ever, Mr. Woodcock?!?!

5. Grindhouse. dir Quentin Tarintino and Robert Rodriguez.
Hands down the most fun you will have in the theater this or likely any year.High class schlock cinema at it's finest.

6. Atonement. dir Joe Wright
the most achingly beautiful film of the year sensual, painful and heartbreaking.

7. The Host. dir. Joon-Ho Bong.
A thinking man's monster movie? A tender family dramady? A bittersweet hero's Journey? The Host is all of these things and more it's also a slimy, scary funny down right jump out of you seat monster movie.

8. INLAND EMPIRE. dir. David Lynch.
Love him or hate him Lynch's bemusing, terrifying and sublimely surreal film will make you think...about what exactly I'm not sure but you won't take your eyes off it for a second.

9. "Zoo" dir. Robinson Devor.
This elegant, hypnotic and sedate docu-drama oozes sadness in every frame. A man dies from a sexual encounter from a horse, the media descends, and a close knit group of outsiders and exposed. Devor never judges these men, but lets them tell their story in the secretive vocabulary they posses.

10. Paris, Je T'aime. dir. 18 amazing directors
This anthology film about falling in and out of love in Paris made me alternately ache, want to sing, laugh and in one section scratch my head going..I don't get it (trust me you won't either) Stories as varied as the directors, as varied as life brilliant tour de force!

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