Yo! You got a quater my Ostrich is on her A-GAME!!!

JOUST- ah how I loved thee- all 4 bits of you! level after level of gliding Man riding ostrich vs men on vultures...and now you're coming to the big screen, It'll be..It'll be...... Wait what the fuck? JOUST-The MOVIE?????????

We've updated the game into a commercial, tent pole movie," said Cerenzie. "Marc has done an amazing job in creating a tantalizing and filmic world based on the original game."

"This film is the type of action-packed story that appeals to all four quadrants of the movie-going public and we are excited to be in the Midway Games business once again," said Peters.

"You need these kids to come in on Friday with a film's opening today because they're texting their friends right after the movie and you no longer have until Sunday," said Cerenzie.

Cerenzie also describes the film's script, written by Marc Gottlieb, as "Gladiator meets Mad Max." It takes place in the future, and involves a floating Las Vegas.

I really enjoy that this follows days of text message insanity between myself and Piano man/actor Matthew Kern brainstorming follow-ups to the just announced MONOPOLY movie!

Games to films C/o Dreamless WORKS pictures

Catherine Zeta-Jones in HOP-SCOTCH!

Hungry-Hungry Hippos the musical starring John Travolta, Clay Aiken, and Liza Minelli

Dakota Fanning and Kathleen Turner in COOTIES!

Twister -this time time it's personal and not at all a damn Tornado with Whitney Houston as Left Foot Green!

and my new favorite curtsey of my lovely husband

EMILY BLUNT star in a suspenseful tale of betrayal, longing and prom-tastic excitement- MYSTERY DATE!

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