Strangers on a Train

Exhausted, sweaty, and enroute to home I overheard the following conversational masterpiece on the Yellow Line MAX (such a hub of intellectual stimulus ).

Girl One - So like he was all, um Yeah, and I gotta go, but girl (pronounced GURRRRRL) He is like so much money. Like he's really really nice. Like Really.

Girl Two - Yeah like Brianna said he was like rich or something his got the [ed. note Girl Two stated some model of Mazda but writer can not recall nor feels it really demishes from the impact of the piece]

Girl One- Yeha like totally Like he stayed over all night Saturday but then he said he had to get up really early and work on like Sunday and at first I was like who works on Sunday come on , but he was really tired. So he left his bottle of Figi Water. And I was like damn, so I called him and said hey you left your Figi Water, cause its like really expensive and that's all he'll drink is Figi Water. That's it. and he's like oh well you can keep it. I tasted it and it really does taste better cause its really expensive and imported from like FIGILAND. or some shit. yeah....

Girl Two- Figiland? Really?

[Ed. note- at this point writer stops taking notes on conversation and turns up the volume of Ipod to blast the new Morrissey album and drown out the girls]

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