Patrick Wolf- Musical Crush of the Week

Like the errant schoolboy love child of David Bowie and Bjork multi-instromentallist singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf's everything and the kitchen sink compositions overwhelm on the first listen. His lush (and luscious) visuals, Glam rock wardrobe, bisexual love-songs, and wolf-in-heat stage persona detract slightly from the achingly beautiful truths of his song-writing. From his debut Lycanthropy to the mournful Wind in the Wires to his technocolored dream of love album The MAgic Position Patrick Wolf is poised to be an artist worth watching out for.
His deft turns of phrases (and phrasings) combined with a seemingly endless need for muscial experimentation make his albums grown more and more profound with each listen.
Also, he's pretty darn dreamy as well.

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Anonymous said...

I will look him up; can't play flash on the-
good ole iPhone. -paul